mangoes on the beach

Peters parents migrated from the Punjab region of India in the 1950’s.  Mangoes on The Beach is Peter’s tribute to that generation of people who made the journey to Britain, the trials and tribulations they faced in India, and their lives once they reached these shores.  Peter has created a piece that beautifully weaves true family experiences with traditional folk tales, covering the tyranny of the caste system, impossible tasks, and beautiful husbands who hide terrible secrets...  Mangoes on the Beach has been shared across Britain and at many International festivals as far afield as Norway, Greece, Holland, and Vienna.  Its theme of migration and integration is a story of our times. 

  “Don’t let anybody tell you that storytelling is boring, don’t ever let anybody tell you it isn’t relevant. Peter Chand’s hour-long narrative seamlessly flows between his personal story and traditional Punjabi Folk tales” Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio  Shropshire.

Orignally commissioned by Festival at the Edge Storytelling festival.

Performance Details

Duration: 70 minutes

Age: Adults & 14+

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